The Service Architecture Lab is a leading research group with a focus on Future Services. The team works in collaboration with key players from industry and academia around the world.

Our major areas of expertise are in Service Architecture, Online Social Networks, Internet of Things.Beyond academic research, we share and disseminate our results through active cooperation with leaders from the communications industry.

The lab is one of the few academic groups that is contributing to standardisation at 3GPP, IETF, oneM2M and ITU-T, and is also heavily involved in collaborative research through national, European and EU-Asian projects (FP7, H2020, ITEA, CELTIC, ANR).

Our main research interests are in:

  • Service Webification, Service architecture
  • Online Social Networks, P2P, Social Media Analysis
  •  Internet of People, Things and Services
  • Network ITzation, Cloud, SDN, NVF

Lab leader: Noël Crespi

Wiley - architecture and Governance for Communication Services

New book, Wiley Eds: Architecture and Governance for Communication Services

This book provides a detailed overview on service architecture in the Telco, web, and IT words, proposing a general framework for better defining and describing communication service architectures. It formalizes these architectures by using a syntax and a semantics common to different services, while responding to recurring questions about service design. The latter include the …

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Architecture et gouvernance des services de communication2

New Book, Hemes-Lavoisier Eds: “Architecture et Gouvernance des Services de Communication”

Les ruptures technologiques, de marché, d’usages, nous obligent à repenser nos façons de décrire les architectures de service de communication. Si la description des architectures de réseau est relativement claire, reposant sur les acquis de décennies de standardisation, la description des architectures de service est moins nettement définie.   Cet ouvrage propose un cadre général …

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